ISBN (10)0747517002 
ISBN (13)9780747517009 
Classification327.5694056 COR 
Title EntryGaza first:  
Subtitlethe secret Norway channel to peace between Israel and the PLO 
Class Scheme & Edition DDC 23 
AuthorCorbin, Jane 
Place of PublicationLondon, England : 
Publisher's NameBloomsbury, 
Date of Publication1994 
Extentviii, 216p.  
Other Details1 map, 8p. plates  
Item DescriptorThe inside story of the most remarkable peace agreement since World War II, written by the only journalist to have had access to all the participants in the peace process, from Palestinian and Israeli leaders to the little-known Norwegian couple who worked for two years to bring about peace 
Formatted Content NoteSections include - Images of war and terror; The creation of the Oslo channel; Brainstorming at Borregaard; The Sarpsborg document; The walls of Jericho; The diplomat and the lawyer; Strawberries at Gressheim; A trip to Tunis and Jerusalem; Crisis by the fiord; Menage a trois; A night in Stockholm; The Oslo spirit; A surprise for the superpower; The handshake; and Epilogue  
Level Content-AudienceUndergraduate 
Subject Entry Mediation - International
Arab-Israeli conflict
Jewish-Arab relations
Palestine - Foreign relations
Israel - Foreign relations
Gaza Strip - International status
Israel - Treaties
Palestinian Liberation Organisation (PLO) 
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