Classification378.5672 AME 
Title EntryThe effect of employee commitment on organizational productivity;  
Subtitlethe case of Weatherford Oil Tols Company/ Iraq 
Class Scheme & Edition DDC 23 
AuthorAmeen, Mohammed Araz Mohammed 
Place of PublicationErbil, Iraq : 
Publisher's NameUniversity of Kurdistan Hewler,  
Date of Publication2018 
Extentx, 96p.  
Other Detailsappendix, bibliogrpahy, 29 figures, 5 tables  
Item DescriptorA thesis submitted in partial fulfilment for the degree of Executive Master of Business Administration which was submitted to the Kurdistan Business School at the University of Kurdistan Hewl 
Formatted Content NoteSections include - Abstract; Introduction; Literature review; Methodology; Analysis of results and findings; and Conclusion and recommendations 
Level Content-AudiencePostgraduate 
Subject Entry Business studies -Research
Weatherford Oil Tools Company
Employee productivity
Employee commitment - Kurdistan, Iraq
Organisational productivity 
SupervisorTasie, George O  
AbstractCommitment is the main factor that affects organizational productivity. When employees are committed to their organization, they feel they are working for their own organization, so they put in more effort and try to achieve the organization's preset goals and objectives. Organizational productivity has many measures such as the financial position of the organization, employee turnover, efficiency and effectiveness, and return on equity. The subject of this thesis is about the effect of employees' commitment on organizational productivity, using the case of Weatherford Oil Tools Iraq. Survey questionnaires were used to know the attitude of the employees towards their organization and how committed and loyal they are, in addition the productivity questions were asked to establish the degree of the company's productivity in relation to the commitment of employees. In total there were 20 questions, 10 of them were about commitment, and the other 10 were about productivity. Due to the time limitation, many big companies are based and located in Iraq, the researcher could not reach all of them and conduct the survey questionnaires among. Due to the mentioned reasons, one of the best performing oil and gas companies was chosen as a sample for this thesis. The findings from this thesis show that, there is a significant relationship between employee commitment and organizational productivity.  
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