ISBN (10)0140217886 
Classification320.95694 GHI 
Title EntryHow Israel lost its soul 
Class Scheme & Edition DDC 23 
AuthorGhilan, Maxim 
Place of PublicationHarmondsworth, England : 
Publisher's NamePenguin Books, 
Date of Publication1974 
Other Detailsfootnotes, glossary, indexed  
Series Statement TitleA Pelican Original 
Item DescriptorThe evolution of Israel into an aggressively nationalistic, paramilitary and essentially undemocratic nation has, in the author's opinion, destroyed any hopes of lasting peace 
Formatted Content NoteSections include - Foreword - the air-raid sirens of Tel-Aviv; 'The only democracy in the Middle East'; The foundations of Zionism, 1870-1914; Arab nationalism in Palestine before 1920; The stillbirth of 'Palestine', 1920-39; Jewish liberation movements up to 1942; The underground nationalist movements, 1942-8; Recognizing the Arabs Canaanites, Pax Semitica and semitic action; The phenomenon of Haolam Hazeh from 1950 on; The Israeli communist party; Matzpen and other new left groups; Racialism in Israel; Censorship; Behind the scenes; The class-structure and the economy; The takeocer of the land; The army; The racialism of belief; and Youth and the future  
Level Content-AudienceUndergraduate 
Subject Entry Israel - Politics and government
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