ISBN (13)9780812977097 
Title EntryThe prince of Bagram Prison: 
Subtitlea novel 
AuthorsCarr, Alex 
Place of PublicationNew York, USA : 
Publisher's NameRandom House Trade Paperbacks, 
Date of Publication2008 
Extentviii, 296p. 
Other Details2 maps 
Item DescriptorKat Caldwell is tasked with discovering the whereabouts of Jamal a CIA informant who has slipped away from his handler in Spain and may be headed for Morocco. But when a British soldier is murdered just before he is about to give evidence on the death of a Bagram detainee Kat begins to suspect that the real story is one of cover-up of US sanctioned torture. 
Level Content-AudienceGeneral 
Subject Entry Fiction
Espionage;  Spain;  Morocco 
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