ISBN (13)9780194790543 
Title EntryChildren of the New Forest 
Class Scheme & Edition DDC 23 
AuthorsMarryat, Captain;  Akinyemi, Rowena (retold) 
Place of PublicationOxford, England : 
Publisher's NameOxford University Press, 
Date of Publication2008 
Extentviii, 56p.  
Accompanying Materials+ 1 MP3-CD 
Other Detailsactivities, glossary, illustrations  
Series Responsibility - PersonalBassett, Jennifer (editor) 
Series Statement TitleOxford Bookworms Library - Human Interest 
Item DescriptorEngland in 1647: King Charles is in prison, and Cromwell's men are fighting the King's men. These are dangerous times for everybody. The four Beverley children have no parents; their mother is dead and their father died while fighting for the King. Now Cromwell's soldiers have come to burn the house - with the children in it. The four of them escape into the New Forest - but how will they live? What will they eat? And will Cromwell's soldiers find them? 
Formatted Content NoteSections include - Introduction, Escape; Life in the forest; Edward goes visiting; Secretary to Mr Hetherstone; and Soldier of the king  
Level Content-AudienceEnglish Intermediate 
Subject Entry Graded reader
Historical fiction
English Civil War - Fiction
New Forest, England - Fiction
Orphans - Fiction
English history - Ficiton 
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