Classification550 IRA 
Title EntryIraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining 
Class Scheme & Edition DDC 23 
Corporate EntryIraqi Geological Survey 
Volume or PartVolumes 16 and 17 
Place of PublicationBaghdad, Iraq 
Publisher's NameIraq Geological Survey,  
Date of Publication2020/21 
Extent1 CD 
Series Responsibility - CorporateIraq Geological Survey 
Series Statement TitleIraqi Bulletin of Geology and Mining 
Item DescriptorA CD containing soft copies of volumes 16 and 17 of this journal, which is also available via Ebscohost 
Formatted Content NoteIncluded in the following volumes - Volume 16, Issue 1 - Facies analysis and depositional environment of the upper Jurassic Naokelekan formation in row selected outcrop sections from Kurdistan region, NE Iraq/ Arkan O H Sharezwri, Mohammad S Nour Mohammadi and Rzger A Abdula; Cumulate and tectonite dunnite from Mawat ophiolite, Kurdistan region, north-eastern Iraq - field evidence and mineral chemical constraints/ Yousif O Mohammed; Morphometric analysis of main drainage basins in the Zurbatiyah vicinity, eastern Iraq/ Hala A Al-Musawl, Thair M Azzawi and Hamed H Abdallah; Detection of shipwrecks and submerged objects using sub bottom profiler and side scan sonar Inshatt al-Arab river, southern Iraq/ Ifran O Yara; Redox indicators in oceanic sediments - a case study of the anoxic event 2 in the Bohemian creataceous basin, Czech Republic/ Khaldoun S Al-Basaam; Characterization and potential industrial utilization of the Permian kaolin clay deposits, Ga'ara area, western Iraq/ Mazin Y Tamar-Agha, Mazin M Mustafa and Asma A A Ibrahim; Volume 16, Issue 2 - Biostratigraphy and environmental reconstruction of Akashat formation (Palaeocene phosphatic sequence), western desert, Iraq/ Sahira A Karim and Kifah N Al-Kubaysi; Calcareous nannofossils biostratigraphy of the Shiranishi formation from Ajeel-10 Well, north Iraq/ Omar A Al-Badrani and Ibrahim Y al-Shareefi; Significance of foraminifera during the Palaeocene- Eocene thermal maximum (PETM) in the Aaliji and Kolosh formations, north and northeast Iraq/ Ahmed N Al-Fattah, Ali I Al-Juboury and Imad M Ghafor; Microfacets, depositional environments and diagenetic processes of the Mishrif and Yamam formations at Faiha and Sindbad oilfield, south Iraq/ Amna M Handhal, Hussein A Chafeet and Nawfal A Dahham; Glacial activity signs during the Pleistocene epoch in Rawanduz river valley, Kurdistan region, northeast Iraq/ Rzger A Abdula, Rebwar N S Khailany, Muaid J Rasheed and Badeea S Abdi; Estimation of water and hydrocarbon saturation based on wireline logs in carbonate rocks of the Sargelu formation (middle Jurassic) from the Kurdistan region, Iraq/ Mahdi Kh Aswad; Assessment of urban soil contamination using magnetic properties in the Shu`aiba area, Basrah governorate, south Iraq/ Nawrass N Ameen: Volume 17, Issue 1 - Biostratigraphy of bolivinoides and neoflbellina benthic foraminifera in the upper Cretaceous Shiranish formation, Kurdistan region, NE Iraq/ Rawand B N Jaff; Sea level change, biogeography and paleosalinity of the Abderaz formation (Turonian - Santonian) at Deraz-Ab section, NE Iran/ Mohsen Allameh; Evaluation of groundwater quality of the upper alluvial fan aquifer and its potential uses for different purposes in the Tersaq area, east Iraq/ Hussein A Jassas and Younus I Al-Saady; Characteristics and origin of iron mineralization in northern Sanadaj-Sirjan Zone (Iran-Iraq)/ Hossein Moinevaziri and Tola A Mirza; Contribution to the origin of the uranium anomaly in the pliocene and pleistocene sediments of the Basrah region, south Iraq/ Khaldoun S Al-Bassam; Evaluation of reservoir potentiality of the Sinjar formation within the Taq-Taq oil field, Kurdistan region, Iraq/ Devan O Hussein; Excavatability assessment for the Eocene carbonate rocks around Al-Salman depression, south Iraq/ Luay D Yousif; Volume 17, Issue 2 - Sections include - Calcareous nannofossils of the Ratga formation, swab member (Early Eocene) in keyhole (KH7/7), Iraqi western desert/ Omar A Al-Badrani, Ibrahim Y Al-Shareefi and Alaa S Al-Zubaidi; Sedimentology of the palaeocene - early eocene sequence, southwestern Iraq/ Mazin Y Tamar-Agha; Identification of possible active tectonics at Al-Ajeej valley drainage basin, NW Iraq using gas technique/ Luay D Yousif; Mesopotamia Foredeep basin mapped by integrated 2D and 3D cartographic approach for analysis of the geomorphology and geophysical setting/ Polina Lemenkova; Study of radiometric anomalies in the Hit-Abu Jir Area and the surroundings, west Iraq/ Abbas M Yass; Stable isotope analysis of the K/Pg boundary, Sulaimaniyah area, Kurdistan, Northeast Iraq/ Basim Al-Qayim, Soran Kharajiany and Sherwood Wise; and Preparation of artificial ornamental stone from Iraq raw materials/ Mayada S Joudi and Eman M Kadhum  
Level Content-Audience Undergraduate 
Subject Entry Geological journals
Mining - Journals
Journals - Iraqi 
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