ISBN (13)9780810997928 
Classification759.1 RUB 
Title EntryWham!: 
Subtitlethe life and art of Roy Lichtenstein 
Class Scheme & Edition DDC 23 
AuthorsRubin, Susan Goldman ;  Middleton, Maria T (book design) 
Place of PublicationNew York, USA : 
Publisher's NameAbrams, 
Date of Publication2008 
Other Detailsglossary, colour illustrations, indexed, references and resources list  
Item DescriptorThe life of the great Pop Art painter Roy Lichtenstein, illustrated with his most famous artworks This evocatively explores Roy Lichtenstein’s work and life and his ground breaking influence on the art world. In Roy’s long career as a teacher, artist and innovator, he changed the way that people thought about art and how artists thought about their subjects, challenging people to see familiar sights with new eyes. Classically trained in painting and drawing, Roy found inspiration from cartoons, newspaper comics and children’s books―images most people didn’t consider “serious” art. He also chose to paint, in meticulous detail, the building blocks of painting―a single brushstroke or the back of a canvas―drawing attention to the way that artists use these tools. Roy and the other Pop Artists, including Andy Warhol, broke down the rules about what makes proper subjects for fine art. In over a thousand paintings and numerous other works, Roy brought familiar images into new light and captured the imagination of the world 
Level Content-AudienceJuvenile 
Subject Entry Lichtenstein, Roy - Painter, artist
American artists - Juvenile
American artists - Biography
Pop art - United States of America 
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