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Date of Publication2013 
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Item DescriptorH2S is poisonous, invisible and deadly! But you can work safely around H2S, if you have the proper safety training - this is such a training manual 
Formatted Content NoteSections include - We have history to be proud of; Production and at refining facilities; Course outline; Hydrogen sulphide (H2S); How does H2S form?; Characteristics and properties; Behaviour of Hydrogen Sulphide (H2S); Factors affecting hydrogen sulphide (H2S) behaviour; Corrosion; ); Measurement parameters; Concentration in air (CIA) and process streams (CIPS); Occupational exposure limit (OEL); Hazardous products of hydrogen sulfide; Handling pyrophoric iron sulphide; SO2 - sulfur dioxide; Health effects of hydrogen sulphide (H2S); Contingency plan - H2S risk management (API 49); Engineering controls; Gas detection system; Respiratory protection; Types of breathing apparatus; Rescue packs (SCBA); Safe work practices; Well conditions sign; A rescue plan; operations commonly at risk from Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in th eoil and gas industry; and Permit to work  
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Subject Entry Hydrogen sulphide - Safety
Hydrogen sulphide - Safety issues
Hydrogen sulphide - Safety standards
Chemicals - Safety measures
Chemicals - Safety training
Hydrogen sulphide - Toxicology
Asphyxiating and poisonous gases - Safety measures
Asphyxiating and poisonous gases - Toxicology 
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