ISBN (13)9780307237705 
Classification973.04960730092 OBA 
Title EntryThe audacityof hope: 
Subtitlethoughts on reclaiming the American dream 
Class Scheme & Edition DDC 23 
AuthorObama, Barack 
Place of PublicationNew York, USA : 
Publisher's NameThree Rivers Press, 
Date of Publication2006 
Extentviii,, 376p.  
Other Detailsindexed  
Item DescriptorBarack Obama's call for a new kind of politics that builds upon those shared understandings that pull the people of the United States together as Americans 
Formatted Content NoteSections include - Prologue; Republicans and democrats; Values; Our constitution; Politics; Opportunity; Faith; Race; The world beyond our borders; Family; and Epilogue  
Level Content-AudienceGeneral 
Subject Entry Obama, Barack - Philosophy
United States of America - Congress - Senate
African American legislators - Chicago, Illinois
national characteristics - American people
Ideals - Philosophy
Presidential candidates - United States of America
Presidential candidates - biography 
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