ISBN (10)Local SBN 455 
Classification363.7 ADI 
Title EntryBullying the planet 
Class Scheme & Edition DDC 23 
AuthorAdib, Ranya 
Place of PublicationErbil, Iraq : 
Publisher's NameRwanga Foundation, 
Date of Publication2023 
Other Detailslist of abbreviations, bibliography, footnotes, illustrations, references  
Item DescriptorOne young ladies investigations and conclusion regarding how humans have and are 'bullying' our planet into submission and destroying it in the process - what are the issues and how, if at all, can we mitigate the damage 
Formatted Content NoteSections include - Introduction; The importance of a healthy environment; The goal of this book; Man, kind actions; Disturbance in the universe; The first start of environmental concern; Climate change and its cycles; Global warming; Earth's carbon cycle; The blame game; More human interaction with the environment; Pollution; The average human lifestyle; The infamous carbon dioxide; Water and plastic; Meat vs Humans; Human's responsibility; and Conclusion  
Level Content-AudienceGeneral 
Subject Entry Environmental abuse
Environmental destruction
Climate change
Carbon dioxide - Poisoning
Habitat destruction
Water wastage
Resources wastage
Earth's resources - Usage 
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