ISBN (13)9780743273015 
Classification428.0076 KAP 
Title EntryInside the TOEFL iBT: 
Subtitlestrategies and practice to help you score higher 
Authors;  Farthing, Jennifer;  Lobato, Tonya
Editors (eds.) 
Corporate EntryKaplan Test Prep and Admissions 
Place of PublicationNew York, USA : 
Publisher's NameSimon & Schuster, 
Date of Publication2005 
Extentviii, 296p. 
Other Detailsappendix, diagrams 
Item DescriptorThe new TOEFL is an internet-based test that measures your communication ability by testing your integrated English language skills in reading, writing, listening, and speaking. Kaplan's guide includes focused practice for each component, a review of each question type, information on the test structure and scoring, and score-raising tips and strategies for basic and advanced topics 
Formatted Content NoteIn five main parts - Introduction; Basic skills; Building on the basics; Integrated skills; and Synthesis and review 
Subject Entry Communication skills
English language
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