ISBN (10)0631226184 
Classification306.2094 RUM 
Title EntryThe European Union: 
Subtitlea political sociology 
AuthorsRumford, Chris 
Place of PublicationOxford, England : 
Publisher's NameBlackwell Publishing, 
Date of Publication2002 
Extentviii, 312p. 
Other Detailsindexed, notes, references 
Item DescriptorEuropean integration from a sociological perspective, redirecting the core concerns of political sociology towards thinking about the nature and problems of the European Union. 
Formatted Content NoteContents include - Introduction: a new approach to studying European integration; The European Union and globalization; The question of the European state; European socieety; Unemployment, social exclusion, and citizenship; Cohesion policy and regional autonomy; Europe and democracy; EU enlargement; and Conclusion 
Subject Entry European Union
Civil society
Social conditions
Political sociology 
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