ISBN (10)0582256518 
ISBN (13)9780582256514 
Classification956.03 YAP 
Title EntryThe Near East since the First World War: 
Subtitlea history to 1995 
AuthorsYapp, M E 
Place of PublicationHarlow, England : 
Publisher's NameLongman, 
Date of Publication1996 
Extentxviii, 598p. 
Other Detailsbibliographical guide, glossary, indexed, 8 maps 
Series Responsibility - PersonalHolt, P M 
Series Personal Relator TermEditor (ed.) 
Series Statement TitleA history of the Near East 
Item DescriptorA political, economic and social history of the area since the First World War updated to cover the events up to the end of 1995, with a final section on the Near East in the international context. 
Formatted Content NoteIn five main sections - Introduction: social, economic, and political change in the Near East; The years of the notables; The years of revolution; The Near East in international relations; and The Near East, 1989-1995 
Subject Entry Middle East
Middle Eastern history 
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